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Darkmoon Faire is coming to Classic this week

The Darkmoon Faire is coming to World of Warcraft: Classic later this week. The faire will set-up shop in Mulgore this month, and will come to Elwyn Forrest at the start of March.

Darkmoon Faire in Classic WoW is a bit different than in Retail. The Faire starts in the same general location, but will have a three-day setup period and open on the second Monday of the month. Each month, the faire alternates between Elwynn  Forest and Mulgore, with the first month being in the Tauren area. There is no Island or portal to take, so you will have to get there the old fashion way.

Blizzard has released a guide detailing all items you can get, like the Darkmoon Decks, in this Darkmoon Faire Classic Guide.

You can check out the full Darkmoon Schedule below.

Month Setup Starts Ends Location
February 7 10 16 TBA
March 6 9 15 TBA
April 3 6 12 TBA
May 8 11 17 TBA
June 5 8 14 TBA
July 3 6 12 TBA
August 7 10 16 TBA
September 4 7 13 TBA
October 2 5 11 TBA
November 6 9 15 TBA
December 4 7 13 TBA

Good luck and have fun getting your tickets!