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Everything you want to know about Diablo Immortal

If you want to know everything about Diablo Immortal then we have the perfect video for you. This Creator called Lord Fluffy has played for more than 60 hours and the video is about everything you want about the game.

TIMESTAMPS 0:00 Introduction 1:17 Game Size & Battery Life 3:39 Leveling 6:24 Dungeons 8:04 Difficulties 9:45 Paragon 12:15 Itemization 13:53 Legendaries 16:49 Skills 18:35 The Grind 19:20 Legendary Gems 20:26 Challenge Rifts 22:38 Elder Rifts & Crests 25:12 Upgrading Gems 30:23 Bounties & Events 33:08 Bestiary 34:34 Zones, Events & PVP 38:54 Upgrade & Reforge 42:35 Charms 44:59 Kadala 45:49 Item Rank 46:42 Currency & Vendors 47:52 BattlePass 49:02 Activities 49:46 Auction House 50:36 AMA Answers 51:34 Pay to Win 55:17 Final Thoughts

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