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WoW Classic servers will all move to one layer today

Today, on November 12th, all World of Warcraft Classic servers will move to one layer. This might cause some queues to form in the high populated servers, so be prepared for that. Blizzard listed all the servers that might experience the queues and encourage them to move to another server …

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Own a Piece of World of Warcraft history

You can become the proud owner of a piece of history. I am not talking about Napoleon’s underwear or a pack of cigarettes from a German ruler. Blizzard is very proud of what has happened in the last 15 years and would like to celebrate that with the community, but …

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Shazzrah and Firemaw will be the Spanish servers

With a couple days left to choose the server you will play on, people are looking for people from their own country to play with, or evade people that don’t speak the same language. In Europe, the Spanish community didn’t get an own server, so they will have to play …

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Blizzard is adding more Realms to Classic!

With only 7 days left on the calendar, the release of Classic is now closer than ever. Previously indicated that they were adding multiple servers, and apparently, that was not enough. Blizzard has just added Blaumeux and Skeram for NA, and Firemaw for EU English, PvP servers. All other PvP …

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