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Former Game Directors have silently left Blizzard after Starcraft shooter cancellation

Old StarCraft 2 Lead Designer en Heroes of the Storm Game Director Dustin Browder, former Hearthstone Director Eric Dodds, and former Hearthstone production director Jason Chayes have apparently left Blizzard Entertainment, as was reported by Kotaku. The veteran developers left the company silently after the StarCraft shooter with codename Ares …

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Blink Shopping leaks Bolvar and Echo items

Blink Shopping has just gone live for Blizzcon 2019 and with it, two big anticipated announcements got leaked (Thanks, MMO-Champion). Through Blink Shopping we find a high ress image of Bolvar, like we have seen earlier this week. It now seems that these leaks are confirmed. Get hyped for Bolvar …

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Hearthstone Blizzcon Teaser hints at Lich King expansion

The official Hearthstone Twitter account just dropped a video which heavily hints at a Lich King expansion coming to the game, and maybe to World of Warcraft. In the teaser we see an orb that shows Dalaran and Dragonblight, and the lady talks about a conclusion coming to a battle. …

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Blizzcon Schedule revealed, but stays mysterious

Blizzard has posted the schedule they have planned for Blizzcon 2019, but is very vague at this point. While former years the developer would post the names of the franchises they were discussing during their presentations, the placeholders now say coming soon. For people attending Blizzcon, expect the main announcement …

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World of Warcraft servers are experiencing Log-in Issues

The World of Warcraft servers are experiencing Log-in Issues at this time, at least in Europe. When trying to log-in, players are greeted with the following screen with this error code: WOW51900102. It seems that the servers are fine, but the log-in servers are having some issues. Be sure to …

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Riot flames Blizzard in 10th Anniversary video

Riot put the ‘s’ in Riot Games this week with a ton of game announcements, including TFT coming to mobile phones. In their mobile announcement, Riot decided to fire some shots at Blizzard for last years Blizzcon. At last years Blizzcon, Blizzard announced Diablo Immortal and during a panel got …

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