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New Shadowlands expansion and 8.3 The Siege of Stormwind raid leaked?

With Blizzcon coming in less than two months, the rumor mills are starting to turn. Leaks are coming through all different places, now we have found one that looks rather credible on the mmo-champion forums. The leak shared two pictures and a lot of text explaining what will happen to …

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World of Warcraft Mobile Game possibly incoming

Very recently, Xiaomi revealed that they will start selling two World of Warcraft branded phones. This was spotted in a Weibo post for Redmi Phones. This sparks the rumor mill regarding a possible World of Warcraft mobile game. Blizzard has stated before that they want to create a mobile game …

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Hotfix should lower queues to enter WoW: Classic servers

Past night, Blizzard released a hotfix that should help lower the queue times for players entering the servers for World of Warcraft: Classic. The recent days, players have been waiting in queues for hours, wanting to play on the more popular servers. Blizzard has seen this issue and tries to …

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Shazzrah and Firemaw will be the Spanish servers

With a couple days left to choose the server you will play on, people are looking for people from their own country to play with, or evade people that don’t speak the same language. In Europe, the Spanish community didn’t get an own server, so they will have to play …

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Level 120 Character Boost maybe coming to WoW

Blizzard is looking into putting in a level 120 character boost for players to buy. We learn this from the latest 8.2.5 PTR build in which we see the World Safe Locations. They state the following locations: Caverns of Time – Anniversary: 8.2.5 Wow’s Anniversary Caverns of Time Gilneas2: Gilneas …

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