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Stormwind City in Unreal Engine

A few days ago we posted a video about what World of Warcraft will look like in a next gen environment. The same maker named Daniel L has built something new again, this time it is Stormwind City in an Unreal Engine. What do you prefer, the original graphics or …

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How to play World of Warcraft on Mobile

Imagine you are at work or school and you are bored. That’s not surprising, because everyone has. What if you can fill that time with leveling, for example, your Classic character? Redditor reallybadpennystocks showed in a video that he was leveling his priest, and everyone was curious how he did …

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You can now Summon Ragnaros!

Only a week to go! Then Blizzard launches World of Warcraft: Classic. To celebrate that, it is now possible to summon your own Ragnaros.   View this post on Instagram   One week to #WoWClassic! Use this Snapcode to summon Ragnaros wherever you see his visage and TASTE THE FLAMES …

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Blizzard is adding more Realms to Classic!

With only 7 days left on the calendar, the release of Classic is now closer than ever. Previously indicated that they were adding multiple servers, and apparently, that was not enough. Blizzard has just added Blaumeux and Skeram for NA, and Firemaw for EU English, PvP servers. All other PvP …

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